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Homenaje Al Asmatico

Carlos GoGo Gomez

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Homenaje Al Asamatico NY

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Here's an awe-inspiring batá-based project that can both induce you with its simplicity and render you dazzled with its complexity. Produced as an homage to the Cuban batá player Pedro Jesus Orta Sotolongo — lead drummer for the Danza Nacional de Cuba, this percussion and coro ensemble features Carlos "Go Go" Gomez who has himself studied with a who's who of Cuban legends like the late Lázaro Ros and Pancho Quinto. 

With the help of batá associates Chembo Corniel, Roman Diaz, Matthew Baranello, Chris Theberge and others, Mr. Gómez has succeeded in creating a mesmerizing effigy to the asthmatic batá master. 

The opening track, the thirty-eight minute "Oro Igbodu Orunmila" is a delicate batá meditation that slowly evolves and massages into subtle variations of its original form. Pretty darn wonderful. 

Highly recommended. (BP, 2005-04-11)

Song titles include:

  • Oro Igbodu Orunmila 37:50
  • Bembe A Elegua 3:52
  • Dos Aguas, Oshun Y Yemaya 8:09
  • Homenaje Al Asmatico 14:51
  • Egun Toque 4:28
  • Oro Egun 5:54

Musicians include:

  • Carlos "Go Go" Gomez Tambor, Iya
  • Matthew Baranello Itotele
  • Chembo Corniel Kata, okonkolo
  • Roman Diaz Itotele
  • Reynaldo Gonzalez Voz
  • David Oquendo Voz, Coro
  • Gina Iyaleio Brown Coro
  • Chris Theberge Okonkolo
  • Pedro Domech Coro
  • Lisa Maria Salb Voz, Coro


New Paradigm Global Music (2010)
Homenaje Al Asamatico (2005)

Drumming Solo

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Review By Maxine

"Now, this is the bomb!!! I have my eyes on this one for a long while, and finally it's mine! You got to get this one! I love the traditional drums and the singing! Orisa devotees...what ya waitin' for? Get it! entrancing rhythms and clear vocals take us beyond humdrum

Review By Pedro

"I love the title Homenaje al asmatico. beautiful music

Review By lamaz

"Entrancing rhythms and clear vocals take us beyond humdrum, into the moment that is now. Perfect beat to ride -- and for once, listeners can actually hear the vocals, hear the words.

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